Moss is an Example of which Type of Plant?

Moss is a flowerless plant, growing in damp or shady places, that has existed since Earth’s pristine age. It has adapted and survived for nearly half a billion years. Moss thrives in virtually any place that provides adequate amounts of moisture, warmth, and sunlight, although it has been found in places as cold as the arctic.

Physical Traits
A moss is a bryophyte, a group of non-vascular plants that grow on land. Bryophytes are typically limited in their size and structure and thrive in moist environments. Bryophytes reproduce by spores.

Mosses possess an underground tissue, much like a root, that takes in water and nutrients from its soil. Mosses have symmetry. If you cut one in half, right down the middle, it will produce two equal halves, unlike some other bryophytes.

Another unique trait for moss is that it has stomata, or cells specially designed for the exchange of gas by way of photosynthesis. These stomata are found on their sporophytes. Moss does not have highly developed leaves or stems.

The commercial value of mosses is as the main component of peat, which is needed for potting soil. Some plants, like azaleas, strawberries, and rhododendrons, prefer the acidic soil created by peat moss. Moss can also be used to adorn gardens, make floral arrangements, and create mulch. Moss can also be used for insulation and because of its absorbent qualities.

Gardening with Moss
Gardening with moss is energizing, stress reducing, and pleasing to the eye. For centuries, the Japanese have been cultivating the earth with moss because of the serenity and beauty it adds to any garden. Moss is known to

Life Cycle
The life cycle of moss begins with a spore that grows to make a protonema, a bulk of t filaments. Moss mass (protonemata), can survive in damp soil, rocks, concrete, or tree bark. The protonematic stage is a passing one in the life of a moss. The protenama will produce the gametophore. A clump of protonemata may bring forth gametophore, which results in a patch of moss.
There is a period in the moss life cycle when they do have a double set of paired chromosomes, but this happens only during the sporophyte stage.

After fertilization, the young sporophyte finds its way out of the archegonial venter. It takes about a three to six months for the sporophyte to fully mature. The sporophyte body is made of a long stalk, which is called a seta, and a capsule topped by a cap called the operculum. Inside the capsule, cells go through the process of meiosis to form spores. This, in turn, starts the cycle all over again.

Moss depends heavily upon the wind to disseminate the spores. Mosses also will spread asexually by sending out new shoots every spring from the plants last well as fragmentation. Parts of the moss body can break off, be moved along by wind or water, and produce a new plant if the moisture permits.

Myths about Moss
One myth about moss is that it can only live in the shade. While it is true that some mosses prefer shade, others can tolerate the direct sun.

A second misunderstanding about moss is that it only grows on the north side of trees. Now, whether or not moss grows mostly on the north side of trees depends to a large extent, on where you live. There is a tendency for some species of moss to grow on the northern side of a tree, if in the northern hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere mosses would tend to grow on the south side of trees, since that side would be shadier.

Yet another myth was that moss is deadly to a lawn. This is not true. Moss does often show up when there is little or no grass left in a yard, but that is likely because the yard was already dying. The moss will grow in those situations, but if the yard is merely cultivated, the moss will most probably disappear.

What about the old adage, “A rolling stone gathers no moss?” That is actually true. If a rock is in constant motion, moss, which grows very slowly, does not have time to plant itself. The friction of the rock will cause any moss that was present, to fall off. No new moss will have an opportunity to collect.

One myth is that moss is parasitic. This is false because moss does not possess any roots or other structure that can penetrate a host, therefore it is not parasitic.

Moss is a fascinating plant that has lived for a long time on earth. It has endured the earth’s numerous and devastating changes, and still survives as a resilient and resourceful plant which can teach us much about our world.

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How the media became a social institution

With the rise of digital media in this current generation of technology, it’s enable some of the more convenient ways to provide news and other enticing information on a global basis. With social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter becoming the norm in regards of interact with other people, many have argued that because digital media has grown to humongous proportions, it evolved into a conglomerate of complications. In other words, the media has risen to the point where it’s out of anyone’s control. Examples of this includes the controversy surrounding the matter of privacy when using social media, as a vast number of people are concerned over potentially losing their personal information to the wrong party. Digital media itself has generated controversy considering allegations to enabling false reporting, specifically from radicals who belong far away in regards of the political spectrum. False news reporting has become a global issue, which goes back before President Donald Trump coined the term during his campaign. Because of these unfortunate situations, many feel that the media itself promotes social immorality, considering the comfort that a lot of users feel when they’re interacting with individuals on a digital basis. Some may argue that media has become a social institution considering that those who are involved with this platform exhibit a system of behavioral and relationship patterns which are considered a social norm.
In this day of age when the concept of internet access arguably required to have in order to be involved in societal matters, there’s a recurring notion that despite the media itself being considered a social institution of social norms and becoming an outlet of a vast number of the Earth’s current population, it’s created some disdain towards the social environment that surrounds the media. Some may even argue that personal interactions with one another in person is dwindling down as digital interaction is becoming more recommended by the day. Examples of this would include some jobs, specifically working remote jobs, recommend having a social media account in order to interact or get in contact with other people. A vast number of large businesses in general make sure to have their presence shown as they open multiple accounts for numerous social media outlets. These outlets don’t just include Facebook and Twitter, they often run accounts on websites such as Instagram, Google Plus, and more.
TV has also contributed to current social norms in regards of it’s convenience throughout the media. TV has grown to large proportions to the point where they’re available on countless digital devices, as some even argued that watching television on an ordinary TV set has in their words, “a thing in the past.” Because online TV services such as Netflix and Hulu has become popular in this current society, it eventually paved the way for other streaming services to become popular on a global basis, with platforms such as ESPN+ and the WWE network. Online streaming services also gave an opportunity for the average person to become content creators, as the rise of an ultra-popular website known as Youtube became one of most used sites in the world. While Youtube is known for its large variety of online videos, content creation has become the social norm in sense that creating videos on Youtube for the sake of receiving views have become a casual practice in the media. Popular Youtube personalities such as PewDiePie and Smosh generated huge success for their personal brands, as well as the Youtube website itself. However, much like some of the disdain towards other outlets of the media, Youtube has garnered controversy over the years for numerous alleged setbacks. Criticisms of Youtube include of a variety of situations, such as the promotion of click-baiting, false reporting, obscene content being available for younger audiences, and many more. Click-baiting has become of the biggest issues in regards of the media, not just Youtube itself. However, despite being controversial to a degree, click-baiting in a lot of ways have become part of a social institution as it’s become a normal practice for content creators to get attention. Even if the tactic of click-baiting is universally condemned by most people in the media, it’ll still maintain it’s relevance due to creators being motivated to get what they want. Youtube and other media sites have been criticized for creating some may say a “toxic” environment. Meaning that comment sections on such sites usually generate a good amount of hateful and derogatory language. Although some argue that those who wish speak ill are protected by the concept of freedom of speech.
To conclude this memo, the media in a lot of ways serves as a social institution. The media represents what a vast number of people’s personality really is. Overall, it enables more social tactics that are more convenient.


Las Vegas Escort: The Booming Business

Escort services have been very common in Las Vegas over the past several years. With Las Vegas escorts, a number of visitors to the city are able to get companionship services that make their trip more enjoyable. As a result, Las Vegas escorts are in very high demand nowadays. With this factor in mind, a Vegas escort service such as Lollipop escorts has been able to capitalize on this trend. There are a number of reasons why a Vegas escort service such as Lollipop escorts is in high demand. These reasons include more available escorts, an increasing demand for companionship, a variety of activities that you can do with an escort and an expansion of escort services. This is a recession proof field and as a result, it is a booming business in Las Vegas.

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As many know, Las Vegas is a top destination for tourism in the United States. With many tourists coming to visit, there is a demand for companionship. Since a number of tourists are traveling alone to Las Vegas, they will benefit by having someone to show them around Las Vegas as well as have someone to talk to. The demand for companionship has resulted in the escort field experience a large boom. With the demand likely to stay very high in the near future, the escort industry will continue to thrive.

Another reason why escort services is a booming business is because of the amount of activities that you can do with an escort. The escorts in Las Vegas are available to accompany you to conventions, seminars, and casinos. They are also able to dine out at a restaurant with you as well as spend time alone with you at a hotel. Escorts are available to attend a live show as well. With all of these activities available, many people find meeting with an escort quite appealing. As a result, this has helped escort services remain in very high demand for the foreseeable future.

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One of the things that has made the escort field a booming business is that it is recession proof. Unlike many other fields, the escort service sector is in demand no matter how good or bad the economic conditions are. Whether there is a recession or an economic boom, escort services will always be used by many people. As a recession proof field, the escort service field will likely continue to be one of the most prosperous in the economy.

Escort services in Las Vegas have been widely known as one of the most popular types of services in the city. In Las Vegas, visitors will be able to enjoy lots of companionship with attractive individuals on a regular basis. As a result, escort services have seen a continual boom in recent years. Today, escort services are booming due to a number of factors. These factors include lucrative pay for those who want to be an escort and the fact that this field is immune to recessions. Escort services are booming due to the expansion of agencies, hiring of more escorts and also the demand for high quality companionship services. With all of these positive attributes, escort services will continue to be among the most profitable and successful fields in Las Vegas.

Is Media is the Watchdog of Democracy?

Democracy is something that is being questioned on a regular basis in society. It appears that there are everyday things that were once human rights that are no longer available. Sometimes it takes a media connection to make people realize that there are opportunities for people to speak up. Some may say that the media is the watchdog for democracy because it gets people to engage in conversations.

Staying Informed

When people pay attention to the media and become informed they have the ability to object to those things that they do not like. They voice opinions as they fight against those things that are going to affect their lives in different ways.

You have to be informed about what is happening in your life because you need to know how you can make changes. Sometimes it comes d